“What you think, you see”
— From the poem "Passengers" published in 2007 in the anthology "Letters to the Tremulous Hand" by Elizabeth Campbell. John Leonard Press

Electrocardiograph (ECG) tracings and cardiac monitoring are an essential part of patient assessment and treatment. They provide us with a printed or visual record of cardiac activity that can be used (by a trained health professional) to assess rate, rhythm, conduction, cardiac ischaemia and other abnormalities.

Our aim in this new website (ecgmojo.com) is to help health professionals obtain a better understanding of the process of ECG interpretation and analysis. We hope it will help them become more competent in this process. An important aim is to encourage a deductive approach in addition to familiarity with ECG patterns.

We know that there are many other excellent websites  with different approaches to this topic; we have provided links to some of them.

Features of the website include the following:

  • Case based ECG assessment
  • A brief history of the main developments in the basic and applied sciences that were crucial to the development and application of electrocardiography 
  • ECGs with normal or non-specific changes (which form a large proportion of the ECGs that are evaluated in the Emergency Department), as well clearly abnormal ECGs
  • Laddergram analyis of ECG rhythms 

About Linas Dziukas

Linas Dziukas graduated from Melbourne University and initially practiced as a nephrologist. He has worked full time in Emergency Medicine since 1982, and is currently working at a Emergency Department in a tertiary teaching hospital in Melbourne, Australia. He is fascinated by electrocardiographs, and is a compulsive collector of ECGs and books on ECG interpretation. He has likened the collection of electrocardiographs to the science of lepidopterology. His other interests include the process of medical decision making, postgraduate teaching and living in the suburb of Fitzroy

About Amit Maini


Amit Maini is an Emergency Physician and Director of Emergency Medicine Training at a tertiary teaching hospital in Melbourne, Australia and has a special interest in post graduate emergency medicine education especially as it relates to early trauma resuscitation in the emergency department.

Amit is also the Australian Editor of Emergency Medicine Review & Perspectives (EMRAP), a global monthly emergency medicine audio program and also never seems to sleep.