ECG Quiz - December 4th 2015

Who said "ECGs are the butterflies of the heart"?

Who wrote the song "Directly from my heart to you" which opens with:

Direct, Directly from my heart to you

Direct, Directly from my heart to you
— Richard W Penniman (Little Richard). The song was on the album Weasels Ripped My Flesh, released in 1970 by the band The Mothers of Invention (featuring Frank Zappa). The album cover was an iconic drawing produced in the last century at the height of the Age of Vinyl.
Image: Frank_Zappa_Weasels_Ripped_My_Flesh_R.jpeg

Image: Frank_Zappa_Weasels_Ripped_My_Flesh_R.jpeg


The next 13 ECGs or rhythm strips will be discussed at the ECG teaching session on Friday 4th Deember 2015. You will get the best value out of this session if you evaluate / analyse these tracings before Friday.

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