Case 1

This 67 year old man had 10 seconds of central chest tightness radiating into the base of his neck, associated with sweating. This occurred immediately after his wife tripped at home and dislocated her shoulder.

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Case 2

The patient is a 67 year old man with a past history of alcohol abuse, bipolar disorder, paroxysmal atrial fibrillation, reflux oesophagitis, chronic obstructive lung disease and iron deficiency anaemia secondary to small bowel telangiectasia. 

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Case 3

This 30 year old man with a history of asthma presented with six hours of worsening dyspnoea and wheeze that he had treated with repeated doses of inhaled bronchodilator. There is no past history of heart disease. 

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Case 4

This 92 year old man was admitted to the Emergency Department Short Stay Unit for investigation and management of epigastric discomfort and dark stools.

His vital signs were normal, there was no melaena, and his blood tests were unchanged from earlier investigations...

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Case 5

This 53 year old man had sudden onset of left sided chest tightness at 1100 hours, associated with sweating, nausea and light headedness. He went to his general practitioner, and had a brief syncopal episode with a systolic blood pressure of 80 mm Hg. He was brought to the Emergency Department

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Case 6 - Bonus

The Emergency Short Stay Unit continues to provide us with patients who develop interesting rhythms.

The next five serial ECGs are from a 83 year old man who was found to have a broad complex tachycardia about fifteen minutes after being admitted to the Short Stay Unit.

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