Case 4

This 92 year old man was admitted to the Emergency Department Short Stay Unit for investigation and management of epigastric discomfort and dark stools.

His vital signs were normal, there was no melaena, and his blood tests were unchanged from earlier investigations - he had a mild anaemia and [stable] chronic renal failure with a estimated glomerular filtration rate [eGFR] of 40 mL/min.

The patient's has been in the Short Stay Unit for 20 hours, with resolution of his symptoms and no change in his blood test results. You are urged to expedite his discharge so other patients in the ["bed-blocked"] Emergency Department can be admitted to the Short Stay Unit.

R_0042_B is the ECG taken on admission to the Short Stay Unit 20 hours ago

R_0042_A is an ECG that was taken 5 weeks earlier.

After reviewing these ECGs a third ECG (R_0042_C) is obtained. 




  1. Describe the main findings in ECG R_0042_A

  2. Describe the main findings in ECG R_0042_B

  3. Describe the main findings in ECG R_0042_C