Linas Dziukas

Medical School: University of Melbourne (1963-1968)

Career: After completing physician training as a nephrologist I switched to Emergency Medicine in 1981. I worked in the Emergency Department of the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne from 1985 to 2018, retiring from clinical work in 2018.

Qualifications:  MB BS, MD, FRACP, FACEM

Previous Blogs:  ECGMojo (with Amit Maini) 2015-2016

Professional Interests:  Undergraduate and postgraduate teaching, bedside assessment of patients, patient's perspective of illness, electrocardiography (where I have been influenced by the writings of Thomas Lewis, Leo Schamroth and Henry J Marriott), how doctors make decisions, applied anatomy

Personal Interests: Books (science fiction, poetry, detective novels), history of science, modern art, black and white photography, music (rock, electronic, Persian) and the nature of perception.